An Artisan Shirt: 6 Ways to Create your Own T-Shirt Design

You’ve probably seen a t-shirt design that you thought you’d do better. You probably can, although it would undergo a strict and rigorous process.

You could also probably sell your designs, but let’s start with just creating a design you thought up from scratch.

  • Design Creation. Your designs would have to come from you to be considered original. Once you’ve picked out which design you’re going to do, pick a color and create a mock-up. Programs like Photoshop are good platforms to create a virtual design of your shirt.
  • Choosing a Niche. There are many niches to choose from. Depending on which you’re really familiar with, center on one, and pattern your shirt after that. If you’re a fan of anime or a big music lover, you could go for those.
  • Choose Quality Materials. You shouldn’t limit yourself to using sub-standard materials, just because it’s your shirt. Go for materials which big mass-produced shirt shops also use.
  • Go Digital. As previously mentioned, Photoshop is a program you could use, but there are others you could probably create your design in. Once you’re confident enough with the final design, you should print it and get started with the design.
  • Choose a Platform. There are certain processes in which you could place your design on your shirt. One would be to do a screen print of it. You could also stencil your design onto your shirt. The process, whichever is easier, is entirely and completely up to you.
  • Dry and Wash. Whatever process you choose to create your shirt with, you should allow it to sit where there’s plenty of air and sun. Once you feel and see that it’s dry, you could wash it. Once it’s all good, you can wear it.

There you have it! You’ve just created a shirt with a design that no one else has, unless you created your unique version of an already existing design. You can build on this for a t-shirt business; if not, you can continue creating custom-designed shirts for yourself with this process.…